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Brass is The Breakthrough Lighting Trend in 2018

01 May, 2018 1 Comment

A feature of brass lighting products

We recently posted a web wrap featuring 11 Awesome Posts on 2018 Interior Trends which featured the views of interior experts from around the globe on what they see as being the way forward in the coming year.

One of the trends we saw starting to emerge last year in 2017 was a resurgence in the use of brass as a highlight and lighting finish.We’re predicting that as a finish, brass will be the biggest trend in lighting in 2018.

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last couple of years you would be well aware that for some time now copper has reigned supreme as the go to metallic interior highlight. We’ve seen a ton of copper lighting, copper sinks, fittings, backsplashes etc hit the market and find their way into homes.

Now we think copper is still a great option but during 2017 we started to notice a shift towards brass and it seems that many people are coming to the conclusion that brass will become more popular across 2018.

Here's how we see this playing out in 2018;

  • Brass Pendant Lights replacing copper as the go to in the kitchen
  • Brass Floor Lamps and Table Lamps used as highlights in living spaces as well as for task lighting value
  • Golden brass chandeliers in modern shapes in the dining and bedrooms.

What exactly do we mean by Brass?

When we talk about brass decor items we are talking about those that actually feature real brass in their construction and those that are finished to resemble brass.

Realistically, in a visual sense you will be able to notice very little difference between the two.What people don’t know is that one of the main ingredients in brass is actually copper with the other being zinc.

So long as it is looked after and not exposed heavily to the elements, brass is a very durable metal which will last and hold it’s look for many years in interior environments.

When it comes to lighting we see a range of different brass finishes on the market. Brass can range from a very bright, golden hue as seen in the Egg Brass Pendant Light below through to an antique brass finish, which is darker and more distressed looking as seen in the Benton Swing Arm Wall Light below.

egg brass pendant light

benton brass wall light

The key difference between brass, copper and bronze is that whatever the depth of brass there should still be discernible that element of yellowy gold while copper more commonly has elements of red/pink/orange to it.

We think that 2018 is going to heavily feature the bright brass look as it creates a beautiful pop alongside interior whites and some of the jewel tones such a blue that should also emerge prominently this year.

How and where to use Brass

Using metallics in the home is a fine balance between subtle and over the top. One of the downsides in our view of the massive surge in the use of copper in recent years is that many people went too far.

Personal choice is of course important, our view is that metallics should always be used in a restrained manner. They are far more effective when used as pops of colour to contrast against the other hues in a space rather than crammed everywhere they can be which tends to overwhelm everything else.

Put brass in a couple of placements in the same room, this not only enhances the look and make them stand out as features but it will also tie the space together nicely.

Here’s a few ideas;

  • Brass Pendant Lights paired with brass handles and knobs in the kitchen cabinetry.
  • A brass chandelier paired with brass wall lights on either side of the bed in a bedroom
  • Brass faucet and tap ware in your bathroom sink paired with the same in the shower/bath
  • Brass metal inlays in your kitchen tiling matched with brass highlights on your cabinetry.

Apartment Therapy has some great visual representations of the restrained approach in this great post on the topic.

Brass can be used throughout the home, most people thoughts will immediately run to the kitchen but it fits equally nicely in a luxurious master bedroom and ensuite or through the use of ornamental brass pieces in living spaces.

Colour Matches

As a contrasting colour brass goes well with a fairly wide range of other colours. The number of combinations allow you to create completely different mood and feel depending on the mix.

For example a predominantly white interior with brass highlights presents a fresh and bright atmosphere while dark brooding greys and blacks with brass exude a sense of luxury.

Here’s our top three combinations for 2018;

  • White/Grey with Brass highlights. Domino Magazine put together a great post on a modern kitchen featuring just this combination.
  • Dark Green with Brass highlights. Have a look at this nice post by Desire to Inspire that demonstrates this well.
  • Jewel Blue/White with Brass highlights. This is probably my personal fav, this combination keeps it light while adding a royal and luxurious feel through the use of the deep blue and the golden brass.
blue and brass colours work well together

Brass in Lighting in 2017

Brass finishes are becoming more common in feature lighting every day. There are already great selections of pendant lights, chandeliers, lamps and wall lights that feature brass finishes from the golden to the aged and deeper tones.

Use brass lighting throughout your home to tie the entire space together.

Use brass pendant lights in the kitchen, then add a brass floor lamp or table lamp in a living space, a golden chandelier in a bedroom with a few brass wall lamps in the hallway. Here’s some of our current favorite brass light fittings;

Kitchen Pendant Lights

brass kitchen pendant lights

Left to Right: Egg Brass Pendant Light, Portofino Brass Pendant Light, Lumi R Brass Pendant Light, Dolce Brass Pendant Light, Egg White Label Brass Pendant Light 


Moroccan Brass Lighting

Another hot trend in 2018 will be the use of Moroccan inspired decor items. Why not pair Moroccan and Brass for some beautiful feature lighting.

Moroccan Pipe Brass Pendant Light and Moroccan Wall Light

Left to Right: Moroccan Wall Light in Brass, Moroccan Pipe Pendant Light in Brass


Brass Wall Lights

brass wall lights

Left to Right: Bristol Brass Wall Light, Lisbon Brass Wall Light, Jervis Brass Wall Light, Benton Swing Arm Brass Wall Light


Brass Lamps

Brass Floor and Table Lamps

Left to Right: Seattle Brass Desk Lamp, Brooklyn Brass Floor Lamp, Hudson Brass Floor Lamp, Hudson Brass Table Lamp.


How do you feel about Brass in the home? And what are your favourite combinations?

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ali bakhtiari
ali bakhtiari

10 June, 2017

i’m manager of chandelier product in iran and like your product

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