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Bathed in light – lighting your bathroom

15 February, 2016

bathroom featuring a chandelier and wall lights

Think back to your last visit to the health spa. Was it relaxing? What was it about the spa that relaxed you – was it the massage, the people, the landscape or the general feel of the place? Spas work hard to provide a relaxing atmosphere and you can do it too in your own home bathroom. 

We know taking a bath is good for us – just check out the heath benefits:

  • Reduce muscle tension
  • Ease muscle cramps
  • Disappear stress

You can achieve deep relaxation with your bath at home. Hot baths help reduce muscle tension and cramps, at the same time as giving you a space to let it all go. 

We also know that light can affect our mood – dim lights can 

  • help ease headaches 
  • calm us down 
  • support better sleep

Dim lights can even help us think better!

With this in mind, it seems obvious the answer is to have dim lights in your bathroom for you to bathe by. But how? We don’t want dim lights all the time – bathrooms are practical spaces where we get ready, carry out personal grooming, clean our children etc. Bright lights are essential too.

The answer is not to swap lighting from bright to dim, but to add lighting. Don’t just have one set of recessed lights in your ceiling – add some wall sconces next to your mirror and some hanging lights above your bath.  These will compliment natural light from your windows or skylight. 

Pendant Light and wall lights in a bathroom

Having a few sets of different lights will also act like a dimmer. It is sometimes not practical to have actual dimmer switches on your lights – it can limit your choice of globes for example, but by having recessed lighting, pendants and wall lights, you can choose how much light you bathe by. (You  could also have a dimmer on some of your lights, which would increase your choice of light).

A great trend we have been noticing lately is the pendant or chandelier above the bath. This should definitely be done by a licensed electrician, as there are rules around how we use electricity in our wet rooms. For example, don’t plan to hang the pendant too low, don’t put it near the shower fountain, and follow suggestions for switches etc.  

Done right, you will have a stunning feature piece in your bathroom, and a perfect glow to relax your day away. 

Choose your lights depending on your decor. If you have a claw foot bath, you will be wanting rather different lighting to those with a more modern look. Types of lights are flexible, you can find different circular style, bell shaped or egg pendants depending on what you are looking for. 

The Fratelli Hanging Glass Pendant Light for example is a retro styled glass pendant, suited to vintage styled bathrooms. The Circa Wooden Pendant Light is a Nordic masterpiece, suited to minimalist scandi designs with clean lines. Both are the same shapes, both will throw a similar amount of light, but they are very different and will suit vastly different bathrooms.  

The same goes for wall lighting. Many Pendant lights will have matching wall lights, or you can mix and match depending on your personal style. The Heritage Double Wall Light is versatile enough to compliment a traditional style bathroom, or a more industrial wood and metal bathroom. It won’t do in a minimalist or scandi style bathroom though. 

For a glamorous take on the wall lamp – try the Verre Rectangular Glass Wall Lamp – a stunning glass and metal lamp designed to impress and throw a more subtle, filtered light.  

Don’t stop at lighting for a relaxing bathroom. If you have a big enough room, pop a comfortable chair in for your partner to sit in while you chat. Or you could go all out and put a television on the wall next to the bath, perhaps a bit of romantic comedy while you bathe?

Do put plants in your bathroom. I consider these essential bathroom decor because:

  • Plants filter air – they make it cleaner for us to breathe – health benefit *tick*
  • Plants soak up moisture – reducing the chance your bathroom will become a mouldy mess
  • Plants bring us closer to nature  - perfect for clearing your mind 
  • Plants are seriously beautiful – find the right one and it will complete your decor

Plants add to the light in a room. No matter what your colour scheme, there is a plant that matches it, compliments it and improves it. Try dark green in white rooms, grey leaves in coloured bathrooms, and purple leaves in monochrome or black bathrooms.  

Plants do need some sunlight, though you can find some which don’t need a great deal and will be happy in your bathroom. Orchids are a great bathroom choice – they like the extra moisture and don’t need a great deal of light.

So when you are planning, renovating or updating your bathroom, consider how you want to bathe. How will you dim your room? Which lights match your decor? And add some greenery to complete the picture. 

We love to hear what you have done in your own home. How do you light your bathrooms? Do you have some great tips for bathroom plants? What kind of hanging light would you choose?

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