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Lighting for love – Happy Valentines!

01 May, 2018

mood lighting with chandelier and floor lamp

Love and lighting have always gone hand in hand, but sometimes we forget this important fact. Even the language of love reflects the importance of illumination.

Did you feel a spark?

Or are you left feeling in the dark?

What about being turned on?

Did you light a fire? Feel the flame of love?

In all seriousness though, lighting and romance are important to each other. Here are some great lighting ‘amour’ tips for Valentines Day.

Lighting for seduction

Lighting can be a powerful mood enhancer. Can you remember walking into a room that was very bright, and feeling brighter yourself? Supermarkets use lighting to make us stay longer and buy more. Products are more colourful and more interesting under supermarket lights. 

This is no mistake, and we can apply the same principles at home, without the garish fluorescents. Use lights to brighten certain areas and bring attention to them. You could add a Shanghai Glass Chandelier above your bed for example. Make it the centre of the room and the eye will be drawn to it. 

Shanghai Large Glass Chandelier

In the lounge, place a couple of pendants above the cosiest chair, lighting it up and emphasising its comfort. Or is the bathroom your favourite place for love? Try a wall sconce beside the mirror - practical - and romantic too...

Soft Focus Lighting

Do you remember the 90’s? Rather than being something to be ashamed of, the 90’s actually had some really great customs. Check out some 90’s television shows, or video clips to get the feel for soft focus lighting. 

Soft focus hides flaws, promotes warmth and amplifies rich colours. This can make us feel lovelier, and more amorous. 

Generally the idea is that the edges should be a bit soft, rather than crisp. Coloured glass lights can work wonders for soft focus, as they give off a great glow without being brash or dazzling. Tiffany lamps and pendants are ideal soft focus lights. As an added benefit, Tiffany lights are usually pieces of art by themselves, so will add extra ambiance to your room.

The Red Roses Tiffany Floor Lamp is ideal - not only does it feature gorgeous red roses, but it has dual globes which allows you to choose how much of a glow you need. Two globes for talking, one globe for romancing.

Red Roses Tiffany Floor Lamp

Is romance dead, or is it just poorly lit?

Soft focus shouldn’t mean giving away lighting altogether. You can have your whole room lit, and still maintain the ambiance you need for romance. Candles are fine, but if you are looking for something a bit more long term, try lighting in levels – start at the top with a pendant or chandelier, depending on the style of the room. Then move downwards to wall lights and floor lamps. 

white bedroom with chandelier, wall lamps and table lamps

Use uplight shades to direct the glow upwards and add some shady areas underneath. Place floor lamps around the room where you need illumination, noting that they will allow for some darkened areas if thats what you’re looking for. Place them next to chairs or side tables, behind lounges and above reading areas. Use wall lights to highlight art, mirrors or long wall spaces.

Finally, don’t forget table lamps. They may be small but they can add so much interest and ambiance to your home. Look for table lamps on bedsides, side tables and in entry ways. Add some romance with dual globe lamps, stained glass or bronze figures. Chic Chandeliers have a great selection of bronze table lamps - like the Aphrodite Bronze Table Lamp – which will resurrect any romance. 

Aphrodite Bronze Table Lamp

Je Taime Crystal Chandeliers.... 

Nothing says love like crystal dripping from the ceiling. Picture yourself under a crystal chandelier, with some lounge music in the background, a glass of champagne in one hand, and the other draped over a handsome... 

See what I mean?  Chandeliers invite romance into your home and asks it to stay forever – after all, a good crystal chandelier is an investment, like a diamond ring. 

Crystal and glass chandeliers play with the light, bouncing it around your room throughout the day, then dazzling you throughout the evening. 

There is a chandelier to suit every home, and every room, and every mood. For romance, try the Bombay Glass Chandelier - guaranteed to bring a bit of passion inside, while not needing the high ceilings that a larger chandelier requires.

bombay glass chandelier

Why not give the gift of light...

There are a few languages of love. Some people like flowers. Some people like chocolates. Others like practical things that they will use. Why not gift a gorgeous lamp to your loved one this valentine’s day. 

Chic Chandeliers offers a gift wrapping service, just let our illumination experts know what you want and we’ll get it done. Leave the lighting to us and all you need to worry about is the amour. 

Chic Chandeliers 1300 85 12 02

We love to hear about what you have done with your lights. Especially if it has led to romance – leave your tips below! 

Happy Valentines day everyone!

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