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Styling for Glamour, Lighting for Glamour

31 January, 2016

glamorous black and white interior with chandelier, pendant lights and lamps.

When we think of 1920’s glamour, rich fabrics and lavish decor come to mind. Black, whites and golds. Glittering surfaces, smooth textures, abundance of embellishments. Above all, we think of decadent, luxurious style that we can recline in and enjoy. 

If you have been to the recently renovated Hydro Majestic in the Blue Mountains NSW, you will have a pretty vivid picture in your mind of 1920’s glamour. At this gorgeous hotel, the glamorous interior indulges the senses at every turn and leaves nothing to chance. Every corner is styled to the last detail. 

Glamorous Lighting

Mirrors, gilt edging, tiles, luxe fabrics, this is a place to be inspired. Lighting is an essential part of the glamorous look, for a few reasons. 

Firstly, when you are styling with blacks and whites, lighting becomes incredibly important to add shading and infuse interest. Adding light to certain areas will bring out the detail of your styling. Experiment with different levels of light, you may want  to consider frosted glass for a muted glow, uplight lamps in corners and multi globe pendants or chandeliers for zones which need to be well lit. 

The Art Deco Tiffany Uplight Floor Lamp oozes style while throwing light upwards and ambiance outwards. It would team well with a black leather lounge suite, dim overhead lighting and heavy drapes. Place it next to a mirror to add a bit of extra radiance to your room

Art Deco Tiffany Uplighter Floor Lamp

Your lighting should be dripping with decadence. Indulgence is not a sin here, its a must. Look for lamps and pendants with a bit of excess. Chandeliers of course suit the look beautifully. But they aren’t the only lights that work well. Lamps with textured shades, intricate bases, shining gold finishes will fuse to create a glamorous appeal. 

The classic Roxbury Table Lamp in Brass is a study in luxe glamour, with a natural linen shade over a brass base. Glamour doesn’t need to be over stated, luxury finishes are enough. This lamp would look good with black and white furniture, or on a low coffee table in your sitting room. 

Roxbury Antique Bronze Table Lamp with natural linen shade

And lastly, lighting is important because of its central role in the look. Glamorous 1920’s interiors had several levels of lights, hanging lights, floor lamps and table lamps. Chandeliers hang from the ceilings, dripping with glass or crystal and reflecting colour into the furthest reaches of the room.  

From the top, the Medusa Chandelier in black will add a glamorous art deco to your room. Pendants can work too – try back metallic finishes with a single globe to ensure an understated look.  

Medusa Chandeliers Eight Light Black

Floor lamps work as much to light spaces as to make dark spaces, shadowy reaches of the room add a glamorous ambiance. Table lamps will illuminate your cocktails when you set them down on the coffee table. 

Glamorous Colour

Another key aspect of the glamour look is colour. While you don’t need to stick to black and white, this is the easiest way to ensure your room will be dripping with style. Black and white tiles will add shine, while ivory wallpaper will set off your black framed artwork.  A white lounge and armchair will contrast well with a black or dark wood coffee table. 

If you are not big on black and white, try accents of colour. Choose dramatic tones of emerald or ruby. A regal shade of violet will look glamorous under a crystal chandelier. Colour and lighting are so important, that furniture nearly plays second fiddle. Nearly.

As the Hydro Majestic so skilfully demonstrates, not all of your decor needs to be period. Infuse modern touches with classic styling. You can buy new, well considered items, mix them with your art deco pieces and immerse yourself in 1920’s glamour.

As always, spend some time considering your lighting, it really will make or break your designs. Chic Chandeliers offer you a dedicated illumination assistant to help you choose the best lighting solution for your style and space. Call on 1300 851 202.

If you want to check out the Hydro Majestic head to the website  make some time to check out this renovated beauty next time you are in the Blue Mountains. 

Let us know if you have tried infusing 1920’s glamour into your home. Do you have some great tips for lighting an Art Deco space?

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