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Get the Look - Industrial Pendant Lighting

24 January, 2016

industrial pendant lights with vintage filament globes

Like many Gen Ys, we here at chic chandeliers are in love with industrial lighting. In the kitchen, in the bar, at the local cafe, industrial lighting takes our collective breath away. Done right, industrial is chic, laid back and practical. Here are our favourite tips for lighting your home, or business in an industrial style. 

Group Pendants over your steel kitchen bench

Industrial style pendant lights grouped together add a level of sophistication and appeal. Concentrating a few of the same style and colour together to light up a single area allows the lights to become a feature on their own, rather than lighting up another feature of your home. 

Pair steel bench-tops with metal finishes, wood benches with brass, polished cement with spotless copper. The trick is to use the same style and colour, but try different hanging heights and pendant sizes. The Delta Dome Industrial Pendant comes in four different sizes and you could group a few of these silver works of art together as a statement in your kitchen.

delta dome industrial pendant light medium

Use minimalism in your hallways

Your hallways deserve to be well lit and stylish too – try a single hanging pendant in the centre of your high ceiling hall or entry way. In a confined space less is better and a single hanging pendant will be sufficient to bring industrial style to your hall.

There is room for inset lighting here – set your pendant in the centre and add sufficient inset lighting on either side to see (in this case though, you may want separate switches). 

When choosing a standalone industrial pendant, look for something big and bold,  for example a wrought iron square with an exposed globe inside, or very simple for example a simple metal shade with a large frosted globe underneath.

2016 home bars are lit with metal and glass

Inset lighting in your home bar is currently relegating itself to the last decade. To keep your bar relevant and chilled, set a pendant light, or two depending on the size of your bar above the bench top. While you’re at it, move the Mojito to the side and set some Tasmanian whisky front and centre. 

Like the kitchen, take your cue for choosing your pendant lights from your bar bench and style. If you have a smooth cement or stone finish, aim for something with a shiny, blemish free finish. If you are matching with a classic wooden bar, you can try exposed globes, wrought iron or antique brass. Or go for a touch of warm colour with the italian designed Fiordi Copper Pendant Light.

The Fiordi Copper Pendant Light is italian designed by Ideal Lux. This pendant light features a warm reddish copper finish.Cafe lighting – pare back and light up

single industrial pendant light in a cafe

Cafes across the country have caught on to this – pare back the decor, minus over the top fittings and install lights that are statement pieces and mood enhancers.

If you are lighting your cafe, you want to do it in a way that makes your customers feel good just being there. In fact, not even just ‘good’. You want your customers to feel hip.

You want your vibe to seep into them. You want them to sit on your milk crate, or wooden sleeper bench, order a mouth-wateringly good coffee and look up at a frosted globe under a polished brass shade and think, ‘I am now a 10’. 

Exposed globes are in their (filament) element here. To add some flavour, look for small metal shade that can hold large globes. Or, depending on what kind of look you have, you could add some colour.

If you do add colour, keep it simple with smooth sleek metal pendants and spread the colour throughout the open spaces so it doesn’t become too overwhelming. The ....series has a range of colours so you can keep the same style and shape while varying the tints. 

Of course there are many other ways to light industrial, these are just a few starters. To really get some inspiration head to the inner west of Sydney, Freemantle in Perth, or other hipster hangouts and find a boutique brewery or a side street cafe and soak up the ambiance (while taking notes and knowing you are a 10).

We would love to hear your industrial lighting inspirations! Leave us a comment below.

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