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Styling: Metallic Pendant Lights

01 May, 2018

Metallic Pendant Light hanging over a couch

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When you think of Metallic Pendant lights does your mind automatically go to super shiny silver bell shaped lights? Not anymore, because metallic pendants come in a range of colours, shapes and sizes. These lights are great for those looking to design their spaces with an added edge, or those who need a twist in their classic designs.

There are a lot of looks that allow a beautiful metallic pendant light to be the feature, but here we are going to focus on three which we know work – Modern, Country and Industrial. Each of these looks will benefit from a metallic pendant, and the most common metallic pendants will fit into these three looks easily.


Modern home design calls for sleek lines; calm, unobtrusive colours and a minimalist approach to styling. When you are looking for a pendant light to compliment a modern design, look for bold colours – silver, gold and copper being the most common.

If you have a feature colour in mind, some pendant lights come with a different colour inside the pendant to outside, which offers just a glimpse of white, black, yellow etc – just enough for a modern look, but not so overpowering it becomes an eyesore, check out the Alfresco White and Copper Pendant Light.

Alfresco Pendant Light range white and black exterior with metallic interior

Big or small, modern looking pendants can come in a range of sizes or shapes, but most often you will be looking at a bell shape, or possibly a rounded shade. These lights often look good when grouped together, over tables or benches for example.

Think about what kind of globe you want to put in your modern look pendant. Most often, these lights look great with a very bright globe, but consider your lighting needs before you dismiss a lower wattage – your space may benefit from low light.


The country look isn’t all roosters and cats. If you are designing with a lot of wood, distressed shabby chic furniture, loads of detailing and plenty of room for character-adding knick knacks, then consider pendants with a more country feel to them.

Brass or distressed copper work well with wood - they are relaxed natural colours which will compliment rather than detract from the glow of your wooden furniture, floor or roof. They will also fit in to spaces which are designed to reflect days gone by, as brass or copper can carry an ‘old’ look.

Pumpkin Pendant Lights

Try the Pumpkin Bronze Pendant Light (pictured) if you are looking for a versatile, character filled pendant which will fit into a country manor or could hang above your wooden dining setting.

Metallic pendants, especially those with a distressed look can hold their own in a range of design settings, from country to seaside to glamour. For cleaner lines, and geometric shapes, try pendants with a metallic cage shade. The Farmhouse Black Pendant Light (pictured) is a good example of a rustic looking pendant light, which could look equally great in a farmhouse or a manor. For a shabby look, try distressed metal, or a mix of metal and wood.


When we think industrial metallic pendant lights, we’re not thinking of the shining modern bell shaped pendant that fit into a modern kitchen. Nor are we looking for the rustic value of a distressed copper shade.

Industrial design calls for bold pendants, made from innovative or everyday material. Big lights in big spaces – think the Freemantle, factory feel.

If you are lighting a industrial space, you will need to consider the shape, size, colour and material of your new light. Often standalone, industrial lighting can consist of a few different lights, spaced throughout the room, rather than in sets or rows.

The Jawa Iron Industrial Pendant Light which features corrugated iron would be great as a centerpiece of a large open space area, with a few naked globes to make sure the room is adequately lit, or to define different spaces within the room.

The Perno Pendant Light range by Chic Chandeliers

The Perno Copper Pendant Light has the character that you need in industrial lighting, including a hanging cord detail, with a burnished warm finish to boot. Industrial design begs you to think outside the box and pair different materials together for a unique vibe.

Have you used a metallic pendant light in your home? What kind of styles do you think fit with metallic pendants?

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