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Don't forget YOU when choosing your lighting

01 May, 2018

You are the most important when planning lighting

It seems that if you open nearly any home or lifestyle magazine lately and you are likely to find a well designed room lit by a chandelier or pendant light. It’s no wonder in many ways, chandeliers and pendant lights are often beautiful statement pieces in and of themselves. Not only do they compliment your furniture, colour and design choices by lighting them to perfection, they become a feature of your room.

These lights look great in the magazines, but how do you know that they will look as good in your home? Not every chandelier or pendant light will suit every situation, but there is one for pretty much every room, colour scheme and look that you could imagine. After all, classic chandeliers with a multitude of crystals is not to every taste. Nor is industrial chic pendant lighting. The real trick is to pick the right lighting for you.

The best tip for picking lighting is to choose what you like best. It may seem trite to offer this kind of advice, but it truly is the best design advice.

Why? Because when you base your choices on your own style and tastes, your chandelier or pendant light will much more likely fit in with other key pieces you have chosen to your style. By embracing your own taste and preference, you are in fact creating a unique and creative room which will reflect you!

Not only will the room you are designing be a reflection of you, you are much more likely to adore your new chandelier or pendant light for many years to come, through changing design trends.

So if you want to hang a brass pendant light over a distressed white dining table – do it.

If you like the look of a classic chandelier in your modern living room – put one in.

If you know that your cream bathroom can only be improved by a set of 3 pendant lights – prove you are right and hang them. A retro pendant light in your bedroom? Exposed globes in your study? The world is your oyster.

Of course you shouldn’t choose something which doesn’t physically fit in your room. You should be choosing the style of your new light based on your own preferences, within the limits of your room. This is an important difference – you want your new lighting to reflect your own style, you don’t want impractical or "in the way" lights.

Take some time to measure your room. Double check your ceiling heights. Walk through the room and consider different aspects. Ask yourself where are your windows? What time of day are you likely to use the room? What kind of light can you imagine here? Consider pendants, chandeliers and wall lights as well as lamps. Also think about sets of lights – sometimes two or three lights can make a much more striking statement than one. Some hanging lights may match with floor or wall lamps.

You can find more detailed information to consider when purchasing lighting in our Lighting Buyers Guide.

But to get you started, some key limits include:

  • What are your ceiling heights?
  • How is your room laid out?
  • Where is the main transit way through the room?
  • Is there a table in the room?
  • Where do people sit/stand in the room?

Consider these things when you are designing your space. Chic Chandeliers lists the dimensions of each light where available. For hanging heights, check out the description. If you can't find one listed, give us a call on 1300 85 12 02, or message on the live chat and we will let you know, as sometimes there could be a range of hanging heights.

So flick through the home design magazines in search of inspiration. But don’t be afraid to select your new chandelier or pendant light based on exactly what you like – not what someone else has used. After you have your new light professionally fitted, make sure you let everybody know who was behind your amazing design choices – you!

Do you make design choices based on your own style? Have you matched industrial with country? Share your left field lighting advice below. Want help bringing your ideas to life? We can help.

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