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11 Awesome Posts on 2017 Interior Trends

March 09, 2017

a great selection of interiors

Now that we've got over the food coma and New Years excitement it's time to refocus on what is coming up for 2017. What better place to start than a look at some of the predictions from our the web on what is going to be hot in 2017 interior design.

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Brass is The Breakthrough Lighting Trend in 2017

January 10, 2017 1 Comment

Brass Lighting is on trend in 2017

We're making a call for 2017, Brass finished lighting will be the biggest trend in feature lighting. Expect to see it in kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. How do you feel about brass? Read to find out more.

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5 Simple Interior Design Tips for your home in 2017!

5 Simple Interior Design Tips for your home in 2017!

December 09, 2016

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Bathed in light – lighting your bathroom

February 15, 2016

Chandeliers hung in bathroom with wall lights

Think back to your last visit to the health spa. Was it relaxing? What was it about the spa that relaxed you – was it the massage, the people, the landscape or the general feel of the place? Spas work hard to provide a relaxing atmosphere and you can do it too in your own home bathroom.


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Help us Name These Crystal Chandeliers

February 14, 2016 4 Comments

two tier asfour crystal chandelier with red linen shades

We've go a huge new range of Crystal Chandeliers about to land in our store and we need your help to give some of them names. 


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Lighting for love – Happy Valentines!

February 08, 2016

romantic bedroom with table lamps and close to ceiling light

Love and lighting have always gone hand in hand, but sometimes we forget this important fact. Even the language of love reflects the importance of illumination. In all seriousness though, lighting and romance are important to each other. Here are some great lighting ‘amour’ tips for Valentines Day.


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Styling for Glamour, Lighting for Glamour

January 31, 2016

How do you do a glamorous interior? Read this blog to find out more.

When we think of 1920’s glamour, rich fabrics and lavish decor come to mind. Black, whites and golds. Glittering surfaces, smooth textures, abundance of embellishments. Above all, we think of decadent, luxurious style that we can recline in and enjoy. 

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Get the Look - Industrial Pendant Lighting

January 24, 2016

Industrial Pendant light in a cafe.

Like many Gen Ys, we here at chic chandeliers are in love with industrial lighting. In the kitchen, in the bar, at the local cafe, industrial lighting takes our collective breath away. Done right, industrial is chic, laid back and practical. Here are our favourite tips for lighting your home, or business in an industrial style. 

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How to Light a Hamptons Style interior

January 21, 2016

hamptons style kitchen with white cupboards and pendant lights

To bring the Hamptons to your own home, begin with white walls and timber floors. Compliment with white linen couches, classic wooden or wicker chairs and tables dotted throughout and decor in shades of white, blue and small amounts of black for contrast and interest.  

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Styling: Metallic Pendant Lights

November 17, 2015

Two metal pendant lights hanging over a couch in a living space

Here's three quick styling tips for using metallic pendant lights in your home or business.

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Should I use a chandelier or pendant light in my child’s bedroom?

November 17, 2015 1 Comment

Chandelier in child's bedroom

The simple answer to this question is yes. You definitely should.

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Seven ways with Pendant Lights

November 11, 2015

A cluster of pendant lights hung at alternating heights

Pendant Lights are a brilliant way to add a unique and personal touch to your home or business and the options available today are almost limitless. Here's seven ideas for using pendant lights to get you started.

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